"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them".

                                                                                       Elliott Erwitt

My Latest Pictures

Scroll down to see a selection of images from my 20 most recent trips/projects. A range of favourite subjects can be seen in my galleries

Summer Eights 2015

Every May the Oxford University inter-college boat races take place. The races involve the crews starting at the same time, at measured intervals; the aim is to catch the boat in front and 'bump' it. Crews that are neither caught nor catch are said to 'row through'. The four-day event encompasses a range of ability levels and culminates in a Finals Day showdown between the top crews. The images below are from Day 2.

Stow Gipsy Horse Fair

The May event was rather wet! Sandwiched between two glorious sunny days the day of the fair had driving rain and a cold wind, all of which curtailed photographic activities but below are a few records from the day.


Pictures from two recent visits to Oxford, including some more and less obvious locations that reflect the two sides of this world famous city.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

I love visiting zoos and looking for new creative interpretations as well as more straighforward portrayals. The white rhino calf had only just been born and my shot was taken through the closed doors of the rhino house, where mother and baby were being given some privacy and quiet time.


I always enjoy returning to my hometown and this day-trip provided an eclectic mix of portraits, street shots and even something bordering on landscape. 

National Poultry Championship

Held in Telford the 2014 event continued to provide a variety of interesting opportunities to record poultry enthusiasts enjoying the competition and the social side of bird keeping. 


Images from the 2014 event at the Cenataph, concentrating on the quieter moments away from main ceremony. 

Stow Gipsy Horse Fair (October 2014)

The fair has a long association with Stow, stretching back over 500 years. My involvement has been more recent, but I continue to enjoy my annual visits to document the the horses, dogs and of course, people that all make this a great event. 

London International Tattoo Convention

A selection of portraits and other observations from this huge event. Many thanks to the artists and visitors for their help and co-operation; with specal thanks to Roland Hyams.

Thame & County Show

A selection of images portraying my impression of the 2014 event.

A walk through the fair

The annual fair at St Giles, Oxford, takes place on the first Monday & Tuesday, after the first Sunday in September. The tradition for many local people is to 'walk through the fair' and it was with that in mind that I approached the 2014 event. As day slowly turned to night I mingled with the throng that shuffled through, looking for the small details that tell the story of the going to the fair.

Cowley Road Carnival 2014

Cowley Road Carnival is a wonderful celebration of the multicultural diversity that East Oxford has to offer. At the heart of Carnival are the thousands of people who throng the streets to enjoy music, dance, food and entertainment.  In a variety of photographic styles I have tried to show the vibrant colourful character of both the event and the people who make it happen. 


Encaenia (Greek: a festival of renewal) is an annual ceremony at Oxford University for the presentation of Honorary Degrees. This year's honorand's were Dr Katherine Jefferts Schori, Sir Anish Kapoor, Mr Robert Silvers, Professor Jean-Marie Lehn and Sir Harrison Birtwistle. At the same time undergraduates are sitting examinations and are given to celebrate their completion! My pictures include elements of both.

May Day, Oxford, 2014

May Balls run through the night and into the following morning; the choir sings from Magdalen Tower at 6am on 1st May and then the Spring celebrations continue with more drinking (because the pubs are open), dancing and singing.


A day-trip to Birmingham to have a look around and explore some favourite themes, but mainly to see the iconic architecture of the library; a stunning building.


A few images from a recent visit; hopefully more to follow. Exploring familiar themes of dogs, total strangers and the seaside Brighton provided a wonderful day out.

637 Head: A day at Thame market.

A day documenting the activities of a livestock market. I would like to thank all those involved for their warm welcome and help; including all those I photographed.

Crufts 2014

Crufts has long been a favourite dog show destination, although this year I only visited the Toy & Utility Breeds Day. This selection of images is dedicated to Dino (2002-14); the little dog that sparked my interest.

A day in Bath

Pictures from a visit to Bath, where I happened upon members of the City of Bath Petange Club amongst other people. Someone smoking caught my eye and this became something of a theme for my visit.

Cardiff - Indoor Market & Ninian Park Road

This portfolio is from a visit to Cardiff and mainly features the Central Market and a walk along Ninian Park Road. The market opened in 1891 and is still thriving. Many thanks to the traders who obligingly posed for portraits, to give the market a human face.


Ninian Park Road lies to the immediate west of the city and leads towards Sloper Road, the location of the now demolished Ninian Park (past home ground of Cardiff City FC). The panel mainly comprises the front doors and windows, lending a face to this very long Victorian row of terraced houses.