"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them".

                                                                                      Elliott Erwitt

My Latest Pictures

Scroll down to see a selection of images from some of my most recent trips/projects. A range of favourite subjects can be seen in my galleries

The May Day Rabbit & other stories

Many elements of May Day follow comforting repeating patterns but I have never seen a rabbit enjoying the festivities before. More pictures to follow...

Infra-red Photography

In infrared photography, filters ranging from 590nm to about 900nm are used to let infrared (IR) light pass through to the sensor whilst blocking all or most of the visible light spectrum. A typical result is the "Wood Effect" - seen when foliage appears white and snow-like. These images are some of my first explorations with an IR camera.

Edinburgh & Chester Zoos

A selection of images from recent visits. Hopefully more to come soon.

Port of Holyhead/Porthladd Caergybi

Every year more than two million passengers pass through this port in Anglesey on journies between Ireland and Wales. For the majority I am sure passing through is all they do, having the most peripheral impact on the local economy and community. So, with a 2 hour parking slot I decided to explore the town and the streets immediately beyond. These images are my response to the world I found on a quiet Sunday morning.


Images from two days at the 2016 event; covering hounds, terriers, toy and utility breeds.

Swanage and Weymouth

Some images from a visit to Swanage and Weymouth. A cold day with bright winter sun offered many opportunities to use light and colour to create pictures.

Thame County Show

Not my latest trip, but a catch-up session to show some images from the September 2015 event.


A visit to London to visit some exhibitions and of course, a few pictures of people and places along the way.


A selection of images taken whilst leading a group of student photographers on a recent photowalk in Jericho, Oxford...including a few before and after.

The faces of remembrance

Part of an ongoing series of pictures documenting people attending Remembrance Services. Through candid and informal portraits the aim is to capture the dignity, solemnity and respect shown in all these faces...as well as the occassional smile or laugh to re-affirm the positive things in life.

Marwell Wildlife

More images from a recent visit using a variety of different processing approaches.

Deal & Folkestone

Images from a visit to the Kent coast.; looking at the obvious and less obvious and using a variety of processing techniques.

Cowley Road Carnival 2015

Cowley Road Carnival is a wonderful celebration of the multicultural diversity that East Oxford has to offer. At the heart of Carnival are the thousands of people who throng the streets to enjoy music, dance, food and entertainment.  In a variety of photographic styles I have tried to show the vibrant colourful character of both the event and the people who make it happen. More pictures to follow!!!

Henley Regatta 2015

Portraits, both posed and candid of people and activities at the most recent event. 

Zoo Time

From recent trips to the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Paignton Zoo. Many of my images do not present a convential viewpoint in order to confound those with an anti-zoo stance; I like to illustrate how the camera (and Photoshop) can lie to illicit a negative anthropormorphic response. All the animals I visit in British zoos are well cared for and contributing to conservation aims.

Summer Eights 2015

Every May the Oxford University inter-college boat races take place. The races involve the crews starting at the same time, at measured intervals; the aim is to catch the boat in front and 'bump' it. Crews that are neither caught nor catch are said to 'row through'. The four-day event encompasses a range of ability levels and culminates in a Finals Day showdown between the top crews. The images below are from Day 2.


Pictures from two recent visits to Oxford, including some more and less obvious locations that reflect the two sides of this world famous city.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

I love visiting zoos and looking for new creative interpretations as well as more straighforward portrayals. The white rhino calf had only just been born and my shot was taken through the closed doors of the rhino house, where mother and baby were being given some privacy and quiet time.


I always enjoy returning to my hometown and this day-trip provided an eclectic mix of portraits, street shots and even something bordering on landscape. 

National Poultry Championship

Held in Telford the 2014 event continued to provide a variety of interesting opportunities to record poultry enthusiasts enjoying the competition and the social side of bird keeping.