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Activating Our Archives


I have documented life in Oxford for over 40 years and this book explores my archive of photographs and the meaning of archives through a personal narrative. The project, Activating Our Archives, was lead by artist Sunil Shah at Modern Art Oxford and provided the stimulus for creating this collection. 


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Cowley Road Carnival


This book celebrates the huge annual Carnival in Cowley, Oxford. Tens of thousands of people join the street party and these pictures, based on the 2014 Carnival Theme of 'faces', capture the charm and character of many.


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Pushkar Camel Fair


Thousands of pilgrims, villagers and herdsmen with cattle, horses and camels descend on Pushkar in the Hindu month of Kartik for the annual fair. This holy city in Rajasthan is one of Asia’s largest camel fairs and it is estimated that over 25,000 will change hands during the course of the fair.


The bustling activity, colour, sights and smells are definably Indian. In this collection of photographs I have sought to portray the herdsmen and their livestock camped around the city, through a series of informal portraits and observed moments of everyday life.

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Turn Everything up Louder than Everything Else!


Are you ready to rock? Images of the famous and not so famous in concert, capturing the energy and excitement of live performances...along with a few quieter moments.


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8 Seconds! the length of a rodeo event for Saddle Bronc, Bareback and Bull Riding, getting bucked off before 8 seconds results in disqualification. Calgary Stampede is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and this book captures all the spills and thrills of rodeo alongside a view behind the scenes. 


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What am I bid?


The commoners of the New Forest have kept semi-feral ponies in the forest for centuries and there is a long history of breeding, racing and selling ponies. The pictures in this book record the sales yard and its activities during the September, October and November 2012 auctions and document the event through informal portraits of people and animals, alongside observed details.


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I wonder what they are doing in Heaven today


For those in this book Heaven was the final destination, for life ever after. Photographically I have illustrated the various ways in which religious iconography and architecture have been used to portray and preserve the memory and status of the deceased. Whilst the images were taken 'as seen' with nothing disturbed I have used various digital colouration techniques to create a personal interpretation of what I saw and experienced.


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Dog Show


Crufts is the largest dog show in the world and in his foreword Peter Purves says "I love this book. This is one of those collections that will have you dipping into it for another look, over and over again".


Through this project I have sought to capture an impression of this imposing event, balancing the gentle humour and seriousness of the dog show to present an affectionate collection of images.


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9th Jan 2002 - 12th Feb 2014


The little dog who inspired me.


The Lives of Older People


This book portrays older people and moments in their lives. The B&W photographs show ordinary people, in ordinary situations, which are seen across the United Kingdom every day of the week. People go shopping, catch buses, sit, talk, walk their dog and simply look at life around them. These images capture brief moments that reflect the hopes, uncertainties and often mundane nature of lives that perhaps, look back rather than forward. I hope this visual portrayal of an often neglected sector of society will invite the viewer to re-appraise their own attitudes towards the lives of others.


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