I have loved going to zoos since I was a small boy and I have taken photographs in zoos for as long as I have been interested in photography. The challenge of finding a new perspective is, well, challenging. This set of images includes some attempts to portray a more abstract perspective, as well as recreate Victorian-era photographs. Many people have an anti-zoo stance and several pictures have been created to show how easily the camera can lie...all the animals in these images are extremely well cared for.



I have always been fascinated by old photographs and the sense of times past evoked by their condition and quality. It is hard to imagine that the scene would have been as vibrant, sharp and colourful to those there, as contemporary scenes are to us today. The limitations of photographic equipment and the requirement to remain still throughout the exposure, meant compositions were limited and became stylised, with pictures blemished by small movements.


Victorian and Edwardian zoo photography not only existed within these constraints but within a society in which exotic animals truly were a marvel to be gawped at by an unknowing public, seeking thrills and entertainment. When we study old zoo pictures we can glimpse something that has long past.


In these pictures, I have sought to recreate that sense of the past through software manipulation, using contemporary images. Some work more successfully than others and I think this depends as much on the attitude/composition of the subject, as the variety of techniques I have experimented with. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

I am delighted that my picture "The Butcher" has been selected for the 2015 Members’ Biennial Exhibition, which will tour the UK during 2015. Only 100 images have been selected for the exhibition from 3,284 images submitted worldwide, so it is a very pleasing achievement. You can see all the winning pictures here.

It's great to have an image in the Creativity feature in the Dec 14 issue of PhotoPlus!


My picture of a family at Stow Gipsy Horse Fair was selected as one of the three winners in the RPS competition Family Life. The picture is printed in the Decemebr issue of the RPS Journal. Click on the logo above to visit the site


I was working at the London Tattoo Convention and hope you enjoy the 2014 gallery. 


I am pleased that judge Dave Stevenson loved my picture Bonobo and chose it as his winner in the Photocrowd All Creatures Great & Small competition. Find out what Dave said about all the top photos here: Top 10 and Commended lists.

I was delighted that two of my images featured in Photography Oxford Festival 14 as part of the Selektif competition on the theme of glass. All the winners can be seen here.


I was delighted to have a portfolio of images from the Stow Gipsy Horse reviewed in The Guardian. For more details click here.


It was a privilage to be invited by The Big Issue to judge "What Oxford means to me". A photography competition for local vendors. Issued with disposable cameras for 5 days and a brief to record the city as they saw it, the results were very impressive.

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