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"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them".  Elliott Erwitt



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Model Railway Enthusiasts - March 2024



Photographs documenting enthusiasts sharing their passion for model railways at a public exhibition.


Crufts - March 2023


Pictures from two days at the 2023 event; Working & Pastoral and Hounds & Terriers breeds.


Portrait of a place: Oxford - July 2023



This collection were all taken on a single day and is shown in the same sequence they were taken. Walking around the city looking for interesting things in ordinary places, the pictures embrace a variety of styles and approaches but all add to the mosiac of the people and activities.


May Day 2023, Oxford


Oxford – May Day – in 1250, the Chancellor of Oxford University forbade ‘alike in churches, all dancing in masks or with disorderly noises, and all processions of men wearing wreaths and garlands made of leaves of trees or flowers or what not.’ Things are a bit different in 2023; the celebrations start at 6am. 


Remnant Christian Network Cardiff - February 2023



I went to Cardiff to photograph the pre-match activities as Wales hosted Ireland in the Six Nations. I parked in the street where I lived as a boy and started to walk into town, past the church where my parents married in 1954. The sounds that emanated from inside aroused my curiosity and I pushed an open door to see what was happening. It was a church meeting, but not one my parents would have recognised. I was welcomed by Pastor Mike who gave me permission to photograph their service. The RCN website explains they are “an interdenominational and non-denominational international Ministry to the body of Christ with the mandate of restoring the apostolic order and Christianity as was seen in the days of the first generation of apostles of Jesus Christ, and thereby heralding the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in this end of the age.” It was a brief, unexpected and fascinating opportunity to document people during their devotions; my thanks to Pastor Mike and all those featured. Light levels resulted in ISO ranging from 10,000-25,000 so image quality has suffered and noise reduction software has left a few artefacts…but a picture is more than a technical exercise! 


Portrait of a place: Birmingham - January 2023



Pictures from a photowalk around Birmingham with friends. The aim was simply to respond to what we saw, to show how we saw. 


Bristol Zoo - August 2022



With Bristol Zoo closing on 3rd September I made my farewell visit, over 60 years after my first visit. l could never have imagined I would still be visiting all these years later. I took my first photographs there when my father loaded an old box camera with B&W film; unfortunately, a darkroom mistake meant they never saw the light of day. The current zoo and photography are worlds away from the experience in the 1960s and these pictures are my final images from the place that sparked my interest in both zoos and photography. If you would like to know more about the future of Bristol Zoo visit What's on at Bristol Zoo | Bristol Zoo

Portrait of a place: Leeds - June, 2022


A single visit on 10th June, documenting the people and the place.


Henley Royal Regatta - 2022



Established in 1839 this rowing event is held annually at Henley-on-ThamesEngland. It attracts rowing crews from around the world and whilst the competitions take place many gather on the riverbank and in exclusive pavilions to wine and dine. My look at this year’s event is intended to evoke a feel for the activities and experience of regatta.


Portrait of a place: Winchester, June 2022


A walk around Winchester simply recording what I saw to create a portrait of the city.


                   Didcot Railway Centre,  May 2022             



These pictures are from work in progress, as I document volunteers and activities at the Didcot Railway Centre. Volunteers come from all walks of life and play a huge part in supporting the DRC, devoting hours of energy, enthusiasm and expertise. Many travel significant distances to contribute to a wide range of tasks on-site that are all vital to the successful continuation of the Society’s work, whilst others offer support from further afield. Often hidden from the limelight my aim is to recognise and pay tribute to the young and old and their passion for preservation.

Founded in May 1962 by Angus Davis, Graham Perry, Mike Peart and Jon Barlow, the Great Western Preservation Society (shortened a year later to Great Western Society) has grown to become a registered charity whose aim is “to preserve, restore and operate, as a permanent public exhibition and museum, locomotives, rolling stock…”

In 1967 the Society was offered the use of the redundant engine shed at Didcot (built 1932) and moved in with three locomotives and a number of carriages. Since then its members have transformed the area into Didcot Railway Centre @didcotrailwaycentre


Portrait of a place: Hereford, March 2022


Pictures from a photowalk around Hereford with friends Steve Gray (@stevegrayfoto) • Instagram photos and videos and peter warrington (@warringtonpeter) • Instagram photos and videos. The aim was simply to respond to what we saw, to show how we saw Hereford on 28th March 2022.


Wales v. Italy - Six Nations, 2022


“Waaay-Ulls, Waay-Ulls” is the soundtrack of Cardiff on match-day. International rugby games have come to symbolise patriotism and identity; the whole country comes together in the single desire to be seen to be Welsh…and beat the opposition (especially England). All the symbols are there, the red dragon, the daffodil, the leek and the two-pint plastic glass of Brains beer – everything you need to be Welsh! This was Kardiv (as we locals say) when Wales played Italy (who had lost their 36 previous internationals)….we won’t mention the final score. 

Northampton, 2021


Embracing a variety of subject matter and presentational styles this short series of pictures will illustrate my response to a single day in Northampton.


Porthcawl Elvis Festival, 2021


After a two year gap the annual Porthcawl Elvis Festival returned and thousands of Elvis fans thronged the streets to celebrate the music and life of The King. Elvis Tribute Artists compete in the official competition at the Pavillion whilst numerous other venues host their own Elvis events. The whole town goes mad for Elvis and everyone has a wonderful time.


St Giles Fair, Oxford - September 2021



After a two year gap due to Covid, the traditional street fair returned to Oxford for the first Monday and Tuesday after the first Sunday in September. The sun shone and thousands of people turned out to enjoy the event. It was great to be able to document it for posterity through candid observations and informally posed portraits. 


The South Wales Valleys - July 2021


The valleys of south Wales have a long and proud history of heavy industry, but Margaret Thather's government started the process of dismantling that infrastructure in the 1980s. The underlying decline in prosperity is still evident today, despite the arrival of new industries and new ways of living. These pictures from Cwmbran, Pontypool and Abertillery are from an ongoing project to document the everyday activities of people and the places they live in, at a time when the country is emerging from a pandemic and mask-wearing is still very evident...and I have no idea why two chocolate digestives had been left on a grit bin.


Oxford - June 2021


With a 15 month gap since I last went out to take pictures, on 23rd June I spent an afternoon in the town centre. As always, looking to document life around me through candid observations and informal street portraits. The light was wonderful and this set includes pictures from a student 'trashing' in Radcliffe Square, the market at Gloucester Green amongst other pictures of the city returning to life.


Crufts 2020


My observations on dogs, people and events on the Hounds & Terriers Breeds Day.


Crufts 2020


My observations on dogs, people and events on the Toy & Utility Breeds Day.




From a few hours wandering around Grangetown in Cardiff; some portraits and urban landscapes to capture pre-Christmas atmosphere.




I spent an enjoyable day visiting David Hurn's exhibition at the Workers Gallery and listening to him in conversation with Paul Cabuts and Dan Wood...as well as taking a few pictures of Ynyshir.



Vale of Glamorgan County Show 2019


Observations and portraits. The 2020 show is on 12th August, visit: Vale of Glamorgan Show


Brighton Pride 2019


Portraits and observations from the Pride Parade.


Oxford Tattoo Convention 2019


Portraits and observations from the 2019 Convention, including some work with infra-red photography.


Portrait of a place: Newport


Impressions of this small city on the south Wales coast, from a visit with a few friends. We decided to combine some pictures into a book and you can see the result here: https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/9494079-newport 


Proximity: Port Talbot


The M4 was built over the rooftops of this small town in South Wales which hugs the coast, hemmed in by the steel works, mountains and wind farms. This set of pictures portrays the proximity of the many elements that form the back-drop of everyday life for the local community.


Oxford Streets in Shadows & Light


This set of pictures uses high contrast to document street activities and was taken as part of a 10 week workshop at Modern Art Oxford.  "Activating our archives" is lead by Sunil Shah an artist, curator and writer based in Oxford. His work examines aesthetics, knowledge formation and agency in art and photography.


Portrait of a place: Canton/Treganna


From a photowalk exploring the place where I was born and brought up. Canton was named after St Canna, a princess in the 4th Century. The growth of this independent hamlet resulted in merger with the borough of Cardiff in 1875. The infrastructure and housing remains predominantly Victorian/Edwardian and my family have continuously occupied the same house since its construction in the 1890s. These pictures are part of a wider project to create a portrait of a place through candid and posed pictures. 


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