"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them".                                              Elliott Erwitt

My Latest Pictures

Scroll down to see a selection of images from some of my most recent trips/projects. A range of favourite subjects can be seen in my galleries


In these examples, literally; although the slightly unnerving experience of seeing so many examples of the art of the taxidermist, inevitably raises questions about the future of many species and the way mankind will interact with them. In these pictures I have chosen to use processing techniques that emphasise, perhaps even exaggerate, the age and presentation of the specimens.


Matriculation is the ceremony that inducts new students to Oxford University. These pictures portray the scenes before and after the 2017 ceremony.

Great Dorset Steam Fair

This annual four-day event is huge, attracting thousands of visitors and enthusiasts. This is a selection of portraits and observations from the first day of the fair.

Kenilworth Gipsy Horse Fair

Observations from the opening day of the July 2017  fair.

Blackpool Zoo

Images processed in a variety of ways showing visitors and residents

Limehouse Lizzy

...keeping the music of Thin Lizzy alive! Taken for the band as they deliver a typically blistering set in Blackpool. Visit http://www.limehouselizzy.co.uk/ 

RHS Wisley

Pictures from a recent visit to this showpiece garden in Surrey.

Cowley Road Carnival 2017

Cowley Road Carnival is a wonderful celebration of the multicultural diversity that East Oxford has to offer. At the heart of Carnival are the thousands of people who throng the streets to enjoy music, dance, food and entertainment.  I have tried to show the vibrant colourful character of both the event and the people who make it happen.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Pictures in a variety of styles from a visit to the park leading a group of student photographers.

10 years of the Sony World Photography Awards

To celebrate 10 years of the Sony World Photography Awards invited guests met at theprintspace in London. These impromptu portraits were taken with available light and instructions to keep a straight face and stare into the camera; some managed it better than others :-)


A Nation of Shop Keepers

As part of an on-going project to photograph people in their workplace, this series of portraits was taken at the Birmingham Indoor Market. In each case I have sought to portray people in the context of the stall and goods for sale.


21st October 2016 marked the 50th Anniversary of the disaster that consumed Aberfan, when tons of wet slag slid down into the valley and buried the primary school and a whole generation. These pictures record Aberfan the day before this anniversary. The memorial to the disaster and especially the 116 young lives lost stands in stark contrast to the crumbling Victorian surroundings. The Garden of Memorial stands on the site once occupied by the school.

Jubilee Pool

Opened in 1935 Jubilee Pool is one of the few remaining open-air lidos still in use in the UK. The striking architecture is based on a triangular shaped pool. Refurbished and re-opened in 2016 by Prince Charles after extensive storm damage Jubilee Pool is set to provide many future generations of swimmers with a safe sea-water experience.

London International Tattoo Convention

A selection of portraits and observations from the 2016 event. I have added my own interpretation to the body art through a range of processing techniques that I felt were sympathetic to the subject. Some more images to follow...

St Giles Fair - Oxford (2016)

The fair is all about looking, eating, scary rides, winning cuddly toys, screaming, feeling sick and have fun ...so this is what I have tried to capture in this series of pictures.


Cologne Zoo

Pictures from a visit to Cologne during July 2016.

Amazing Animals

Pictures from an amazing visit to photograph animals at close quarters at Amazing Animals  

Henley Regatta

Pictures from a visit to the 2016 event, strolling along the bank and looking for whatever caught my eye.


Pictures from a day spent at this seaside town, just wandering around and responding to what I saw. More to follow when I have the time to process them.

Summer Eights

Summer Eights is an annual inter-college rowing competition held on the River Thames in Oxford. Boats line up at the downstream end of the course with a distance of approximately 1.5 boat lengths between each team. When the race starts each crew tries to catch and bump the boat in front and avoid being bumped by the boat behind. A 'bump' is rewarded by moving up one place in the starting line-up in the next day's racing. The ultimate aim of a crew is to become "Head of the River" by being placed at the top of the first division. These pictures show some of the people and action from this four day event.