Photographic Services

Would you like to see and take better pictures?


If you would like to develop your photography skills I offer a range of individual and group practical sessions to help you...

  • understand and use your camera controls ...and move off AUTO settings!
  • develop an appreciation of composition - learn the rules and when should you break them
  • develop a 'seeing eye' through techniques to improve creativity


Teaching is both theoretical and practical, using a variety of settings for you to practice and consolidate skills. Examples of courses include:

  • Street Photography ~ a two hour session exploring city streets
  • Zoo Photography ~ a full or half-day tuition in a zoo looking at the specific techniques that delivers great pictures
  • Garden and Plant Photography ~ a full or half-day tuition in a garden looking at the techniques needed to capture the beauty of a garden
  • Night Photography ~ a two hour session that teaches you how to use a tripod and the camera settings that deliver a view of life after dark
  • Documentary Photography ~ a session exploring story-telling through photography.
  • An Introduction to Adobe Elements/Photoshop ~ a two hour session at your home; aimed at beginners wanting to learn how to use tools and layers to process images.


Group sessions are two hours long and are charged at £30 (pp). Group size is set at a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 photographers. More group sessions are being planned; in the meantime contact me for details.


Individual sessions are offered in the following formats


Two Hours - £45

Four Hours - £80

Six Hours - £110


·     The main aim of individual sessions is to support photographers in developing a better understanding of how their camera works and how they can fully utilise the camera's controls. Time is spent looking for pictures and helping photographers develop a 'seeing eye', using composition theory to improve picture design and impact.

·     Sessions are undertaken in a genre chosen by the photographer and popular sessions include night photography, zoo photography, street photography & plants/gardens.

·     All sessions are Oxford based and available 7 days per week, by mutual agreement.

·     Sessions are available at other locations, for which an additional travelling charge applies.

·     Refreshments or additional entry charges are not included in the price.


Gift vouchers are available and valid for 6 months from date of issue.


I hope that has answered all your questions, but do let me know if you have any outstanding queries. Course length and content can be tailored to meet your learning needs. If you would like more details please get in touch



































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