Oxford is a beautiful city and is one of the most visited locations in the UK. For many tourists images of Oxford are defined by the imposing architecture of the colleges, yet beyond this is a normal busy, bustling, living city. With a long history 'town' and 'gown' the two very different lives of the city and the university continue to co-exist. Many of my pictures are taken in the less obvious locations and include events ranging from the frivolity of May Morning celebrations to the sombre acts of rememberance in November. Every city is a place of people and buidlings and these feature as well.


Town: City Life - the people and the place

Gown: Matriculation

Town: Light & Shadows in the Street

Gown: Encaenia


Encaenia (Greek: a festival of renewal) is an annual ceremony at Oxford University for the presentation of Honorary Degrees. The 2014 honorand's were Dr Katherine Jefferts Schori, Sir Anish Kapoor, Mr Robert Silvers, Professor Jean-Marie Lehn and Sir Harrison Birtwistle. At the same time undergraduates are sitting examinations and are given to celebrate their completion! My pictures include elements of both.


Town: St Giles Fair

Gown: Summer Eights












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