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I definitely fell into the 'scared of dogs' category of small boys; apparently something to do with a Labrador snatching a biscuit from my hand when I was sitting in my pram. Losing a biscuit in such a way and at such an early age is bound to have consequences and to this day I have no great affinity with Labradors, although my love of biscuits remains undiminished.


Nevertheless when Melody had puppies I desperately wanted one, much to my parent's dismay; how would a terrified boy cope with an Alsatian (that's what they were called then). My mother was adamant that a big dog was not suitable for a small boy living in a terraced house in the city; Melody and her puppies remained on my auntie's farm. My next tactic was to downsize and a Jack Russell seemed the perfect fit for small boys and small houses, but it wasn't to be and after that I more or less forgot about dogs.


My wife fell into the 'scared of dogs' category of small girls although she had a quite different experience, with her parents buying Titus, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, to help her overcome her fears. Mr Todd, a Cocker Spaniel, followed and my wife was cured and a confirmed dog lover.


Although my wife often talked about having a dog it wasn't until she met a friend's Bolognese that we found a breed and gained an introduction to the breeder. When the time came, the trip to the breeder was a revelation, as my previous experience lead me to believe that buying a puppy was as simple as popping into Cardiff Market and just choosing. I had done that many times as a boy; sadly the choosing was never followed by buying. However we went to a house devoted to the breed, with walls dripping in certificates and photographs, where we were interviewed to establish our suitability. We passed (because my wife answered all the questions) and Dino came home with us. This whole experience made me curious about the reality of the relationship between dogs and their owners and I began to think how I might explore this through photography.


Crufts provided the ideal location; the biggest dog show in the world and a peculiarly British event. Today more than 20,000 dogs from all over the world are judged to establish one winner, named Best in Show. 


Crufts offers overwhelming opportunities to follow diverse photographic themes, many of which have absorbed me over recent years. I have photographed people with their dogs and endeavoured to reveal their special relationship, the quirky detail and gentle humour that the close relationship between owner and dog inevitably gives rise to.


It was a great privilege to have Peter Purves write the foreword to my book Dog Show, published in 2009.
























































Exhibition at OUP

I am honoured to be invited to exhibit at OUP, with a small selection of pictures from my work on gipsy horse fairs. The exhibition will run throughout January 2018.

RPS Visual Art Group


I was delighted to accept an invitation from Jay Charnock FRPS to be one of the three selectors for the 2017 exhibition by the Visual Art Group of the Royal Photographic Society. We had a splendid array of pictures to choose from and doing this with co-selectors Cathy Roberts FRPS and Lucilla Phelps FRPS was a pleasure.

Marwell Wildlife Photographer of the Year.


I am thrilled at my success in the Marwell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. I entered the Marwell Zoo Residents category and won with 'Congo buffalo'; two other entries 'Giraffes' and 'Giraffe feeding' were both commended. All winning entries will be displayed in an outdoor exhibition in the grounds of the zoo. My prize is a free annual membership. More details will appear on Marwell’s website in due course:


Photocrowd Wanderlust Challenge

Maui Photo

I am delighted to have been selected for 2nd place in the Wanderlust Photo Contest! My prize is an amazing $250 gift voucher. The top prize was a spectacular holiday with the talented photographers Robert Caplin & Peter Lockley who run  ...I'll just have to enter next year and try again!

Sony World Photography 2016

I have been named as a short-listed photographer in the 2016 competition, which attracted 230,103 entries in total across all categories; up 28% on last year. My picture 'Jump' features in the 'Split Second' category and you can see it here:


Copies of JUMP can be ordered from the official SWPA Print Partner 


It is a privilage to be a Photocrowd Top Photographer. Find out more here: 

Join me on Monday 29th June for a workshop as part of the MCS Festival. Learn how to use your main camera controls and leave AUTO behind! The workshop will also take a brief look at popular photographic genres with hints on how to get involved; as well as a guide to photographing Oxford. For more details click here

It was great fun to be an invited member of a judging panel that assessed the level of photographic creativity demonstrated by participants in a research study lead by Dalena Van Heugten of Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences. Dalena's paper has been published in Frontiers in Psychology and can be read here. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how all the photographers involved had risen to the daily challenge of submitting one picture taken on a theme emailed to them each morning.

My picture of a puppy at Stow Gipsy Horse Fair was selected as one of the three winners in the RPS competition Hidden Spaces. The picture is printed in the March issue of the RPS Journal. Click here to visit the site


My latest book "Cowley Road Carnival" has just been published. This annual event is a huge community celebration and the theme for Carnival 2014 and my book  was 'faces' ~ you can review the whole book here. For more details about the 2015 Carnival and how you can get involved click here.

I am delighted that my picture "The Butcher" has been selected for the 2015 Members’ Biennial Exhibition, which will tour the UK during 2015. Only 100 images have been selected for the exhibition from 3,284 images submitted worldwide, so it is a very pleasing achievement. You can see all the winning pictures here.

It's great to have an image in the Creativity feature in the Dec 14 issue of PhotoPlus!


My picture of a family at Stow Gipsy Horse Fair was selected as one of the three winners in the RPS competition Family Life. The picture is printed in the Decemebr issue of the RPS Journal. Click on the logo above to visit the site


I was working at the London Tattoo Convention and hope you enjoy the 2014 gallery. 


I am pleased that judge Dave Stevenson loved my picture Bonobo and chose it as his winner in the Photocrowd All Creatures Great & Small competition. Find out what Dave said about all the top photos here: Top 10 and Commended lists.

I was delighted that two of my images featured in Photography Oxford Festival 14 as part of the Selektif competition on the theme of glass. All the winners can be seen here.


I was delighted to have a portfolio of images from the Stow Gipsy Horse reviewed in The Guardian. For more details click here.


It was a privilage to be invited by The Big Issue to judge "What Oxford means to me". A photography competition for local vendors. Issued with disposable cameras for 5 days and a brief to record the city as they saw it, the results were very impressive.

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